Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nyisoje: Missouri River: The Smoky River

"Smoky", as in cloudy waters from the silt, riled up waters… A view of the Missouri River from the Four State Lookout above White Cloud… a 180 degree panorama looking north (upriver), and east, and south (downriver). The four states are Nebraska (same side of river, north, left) to the land of the Otoe and Omaha… way way north across the river, the southwest tip of Iowa, the land of the Ioways before the treaties… across the river, Missouri, Ioway and before us the Missouria…and to the right, on the same side of the river, and where we are standing, Kansas, the aboriginal land of the Kaw or Kanza, and our treaty reservation lands…

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  1. Some interesting parallels between Native American views of the landscape as a living place and as a place where buried ancestors still connect to descendants, and the preChristian Europeans.